Management Board


Leszek Milczarek, Acting President of the Board

Leszek Milczarek

An experienced manager, for many years associated with the capital market. He has extensive experience in managing investment and pension funds. He specializes in the management of financial instruments. In the course of the professional career, he dealt with the placing of assets on the Polish market and abroad, and to handle complex projects. He worked for specialist positions and management positions, including in PTE DOM SA, DWS TFI SA, Poland, CA IB IM SA, TFI Allianz Poland SA.

Leszek Milczarek is a graduate of Banking and Management studies in the School of Finance, Banking, and Management. He is also a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. He is a licensed securities broker.

He is the author of numerous publications and comments in the economic press, his writings have appeared in such magazines as "Rzeczpospolita", "Home and Market", "Parkiet", "Gazeta Prawna" and "The Times Poland".

Robert Bury, Member of the Supervisory Board delegated to act as a Member of the Board

For 25 years He is associated with the financial market. He worked as a Chief Dealer of the financial market at Kredyt Bank S.A., then as a Head of Asset and Liabilities Management at PKO BP S.A. and as an Asset and Liability Management Advisor in mBank S.A.

He has extensive experience in managing banks' balance sheets, trading in financial instruments, treating a portfolio of Treasury securities and corporate bonds using derivatives.

He specializes in the liquidity and market risk management, particularly in the interest rate risk. He was a member of the board of ACI Polska. He developed and implemented POLONIA index regulations.

In 1990 he graduated Faculty of Management at Warsaw University. He is also a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics where he received the diploma in the field of company valuation methods.



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