MS PARASOLOWY OPEN-END INVESTMENT FUND (MS PARASOLOWY FIO) is an umbrella fund that contains 3 sub-funds:  

• MS Płynnościowy 
• MS Obligacji (bond sub-fund)
• MS Akcji (equity sub-fund)

MS Parasolowy Fund invests monies through a public offer to purchase share in securities and money-market instrument as well as other property rights specified in the Act and in the Articles of Association.

Thanks to the separating three sub-funds, MS Parasollowy offers its clients a diversified investment strategies – from the safest to the aggressive – depending on individual expectations.

The fund’s offer includes, among others management of Employee Pension Schemes (PPE) and individual retirement accounts – IKE and IKZE.

More detailed information about MS Parasolowy and all sub-funds are available for download in the next tabs. 


Office in Warsaw:

6/12 Nowy Świat St. 
00-400 Warszawa
Tel. +48 22 583 84 92
Fax +48 22 583 87 05

Contact for media

Tel. +48 22 583 87 04

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