EPG delivered giant spud cans


Energomontaż-Północ Gdynia (EPG) has completed another prestigious project. On 21st and 22ndof February loading of elements for the jack-up unit has been taking place at the premises of EPG.  Performed structures are dedicated to offshore installation jack-up vessel.  It is a unit for installation of foundations for offshore wind farms, which after the ongoing modification will gain the strongest and the largest crane in its class.

As part of the contract, EPG has made four spud cans which are attached to the bottom of each leg, and the spike in the can is driven into the sea floor, adding stability of the jack-up during operations. The diameter of each element is 13 m. Total weight is over 1 400 tones.

From the outside spud cans look inconspicuous, however, these are structures that will be subjected to enormous forces, because the entire ship will be based on them. Inside there is a huge number of thick stiffening sheets installed, which means that there are a lot of tight spaces inside - said Adam Bubacz, project manager. In order to weld internal sheets together, the contacts had to be heated to high temperatures. The connections between the central tube with a wall thickness of 100 mm and the sheets that came through had to be heated to a minimum of 180 Celsius degrees.

Using cranes mounted on the Heavy Lift unit, the structures were loaded onboard and sailed to the shipyard, where this jack-up unit undergoes a comprehensive reconstruction.This upgrade will allow the vessel to continue to install increasingly larger foundations and heavier turbines at offshore wind farms. The unit will be used on wind farms such as Northern and Borssele 2 and 3.

Energomontaż-Północ Gdynia once again had the opportunity to participate in a prestigious project that places the company among major players on the market. It was another project of EPG in the field of offshore wind power. In 2017 EPG  delivered external platforms for Arkona OWF.  In previous years EPG has already performed structures for London Array, Rodstand, Walney, Gwynt y Mor, Baltic 2 and Butendiek Offshore Wind Farms. Numerous projects allow the company to gain experience that can be successfully used in the future, in particular in the case of the construction of a wind farm in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea.



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